Aaron Hernandez Latest News

July 2, 2013 By:
Aaron Hernandez Latest News

In case you're wondering what suspected murderer Aaron Hernandez is up to:

Hernandez stickers removed from books, replaced by Tebow (7/18). [ESPN]

Hernandez allegedly admits to shooting (7/10). [Got News Wire]

Hernandez's image is removed from two videogames (7/8). [BSO]

Man matching Hernandez's build still a suspect in 2007 shooting (7/3). [ESPN]

Man police wanted to speack with about Hernandez dies in suspicious car crash (7/2). [Yahoo!]

In college, Tim Tebow tried to break up a Hernandez fight (7/2). [The Big Lead]

Denies gang ties (7/2). [ESPN]

Involved in domestic incident last year (7/2)[TMZ]

Kept separated from other inmates (7/2)[Got News Wire]

Patriots offer jersey exchange (6/29)[ESPN]